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Counseling Specialties

These are my primary areas of focus, though I have supported individuals in other goals as well


Career Clarity

If you are uncertain of your next career step, feeling overwhelmed, or stuck,

I can help you explore your options. Together, we'll embark on a journey of introspection, using targeted worksheets and thoughtful reflection to unveil potential paths forward. To further assist you, I'll provide homework assignments and prompts that encourage deep self-discovery. Career clarity work has similarities to career coaching; however, I do not provide job-seeking support. All career clarity work is private pay.


Career Confidence & Leadership

Discover how to strengthen your confidence and leadership abilities in both your professional and personal life. Uncover effective communication strategies for the workplace, develop resilience to handle work-related stress, and establish systems that promote a balanced life. Dive into understanding how your emotions and past experiences influence your work dynamics. Together, we'll pinpoint and progress toward your career aspirations while refining your leadership and management skills through enhanced communication and a boost in self-assurance.


Anxiety & Trauma

Feeling trapped in cycles of anxiety, stress, and fatigue can be draining. Perhaps you feel worried about the future or others' opinions weigh heavily on you. Together, we'll focus on strategies to ease anxiety, mindfulness techniques to reshape your perspective, insight into your past experiences, and a stronger sense of self-awareness. Through our sessions, you'll gain tangible methods to tackle anxiety and discover a deeper understanding of yourself. I also provide text coaching to aid in learning skills to reduce anxiety in the moment.


Interpersonal Relationships

Navigating personal relationships can feel challenging, our experiences shape our behaviors in ways that affect these connections. Through connecting with your past, we can uncover methods to improve and deepen these relationships. This journey involves honing your ability to truly listen, understand, and align with your core values, and effectively communicate your needs and boundaries. Imagine feeling more connected, heard, and able to express yourself authentically. Together, we'll work on cultivating healthier, more satisfying relationships. 

About My Therapy Services

I help individuals understand how their past experience impact their sense of self and confidence. When trauma is processed, we can increase our self-confidence, communicate effectively, determine our career goals, become better leaders, and avoid burnout from perfectionist tendencies. 


I provide virtual and in-person counseling services for North Carolina residents. Virtual counseling sessions are scheduled through Simple Practice, a HIPPA-compliant online software. 

Intake - $200
Counseling Session - $175                  
Aetna and
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Theraputic Approach

I have specific training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Mindfulness, and Interfamily Systems Therapy (IFS). 

I work to balance person-centered techniques, sitting with the client in the moment, and solution-focused methods. I help clients in their healing journey by connecting with their emotions, processing past trauma, and identifying ways to promote both integration and change. My hope is to help you connect with the parts of you that need to feel seen to better understand how you want to show up in the world.


I often draw things out for clients on a small whiteboard, and, occasionally, I will send short email recaps or helpful links. I will balance that with in-session meditations and reflections, tailoring my approach to each person. I like to think I help people who like to make sense of things, not only make sense of their emotions but connect with them.

Why Make A Change
Transferable Skills
Strategic Job Searching
Stepping Into Your New Role
Shifting Your Current Position
Sharing Your Story
Reviewing Your Research
Protecting Your Energy
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