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Empowering high-achievers, leaders, and perfectionists to show up with confidence and authenticity both personally and professionally.


Have you ever felt as though you just can't do enough or be enough for those around you? Perhaps you suppress your feelings, thinking that it's better to handle it on your own. You hear the words burnt out, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious and feel the weight behind those words. Although you are incredibly driven, you feel nervous because deep down something feels off. Sometimes you avoid certain goals or interactions because you don't feel it's worth the discomfort. You want to better manage life's demands and feel more confident in your decisions. As a parent, manager, leader, business owner, or academic, you are often focused on others. Although you are independent, you don't have to make this journey on your own. I am here to help you process past trauma and grief to gain an understanding of how you want to show up in the present.
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Counseling Services


Anxiety & Burnout

Better understand how your anxiety manifests itself and learn concrete tools to help mitigate your stress. Identify the causes for your burnout and take steps to help reduce these feelings at work and home.


Career & Leadership

Reduce stress at work, improve your communication, and gain clarity within your career path. Step into your role as a leader and improve your overall confidence in the workplace.


EMDR & Trauma

Allow the space and time to process past experiences to better understand how you show up in the present. Learn how trauma impacts relationships, career burnout, feelings of depression, and low self-esteem.

My Approach

Hi, my name is Megan Myers, LCMHC. As a past human resources professional turned therapist, I work to explore how trauma shows up in both work and relationships. Supporting each individual means connecting with their story and meeting my clients where they are in the moment. I provide space to sit with feelings, tangible coping mechanisms, gentle challenges, and text/email recaps.

As an individual that owns two businesses, I understand what it's like to care a lot about your career. Through our work together, I will help you find balance and clarity in your professional and personal life. This means processing the past, understanding how you want to balance the demands of your job and relationships in the present, and gaining clarity toward your future.

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