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Envision Balance Counseling & Consulting

Searching for balance?

As a parent, manager, leader, business owner, or academic, you are often focused on others. Although you are independent, you don't have to walk this path alone.

I have helped individuals achieve career clarity, reduce anxiety, enhance personal and professional relationships, and cultivate self-confidence. My goal is to help you lead a life aligned with your values through a better understanding of self.

Empowering high-achievers, leaders, and perfectionists to show up with confidence and authenticity both personally and professionally.
About Me

Hi, my name is Megan Myers, LCMHC. As a past human resources professional turned therapist, I work to explore how trauma shows up in both work and relationships. Supporting each individual means connecting with their story and meeting my clients where they are in the moment. I provide space to sit with feelings, tangible coping mechanisms, gentle challenges, and text/email recaps.

As an individual who owns two businesses, I understand what it's like to care a lot about your career. Through our work together, I will help you find balance and clarity in your professional and personal life. This means processing the past, understanding how you want to balance the demands of your job and relationships in the present, and gaining clarity toward your future.


Anxiety & Perfectionism
Career Clarity
Personal Relationships
Corporate Leadership
Family Dynamics


Initial consultation

During our initial session, we'll dive into the reasons for seeking therapy, connect to create a comfortable environment, and set specific goals for our journey ahead. Whether it's addressing anxiety, processing trauma, or navigating career challenges, together we'll identify the areas to explore and support your growth.

Each session runs for 50 minutes and can be scheduled weekly or biweekly based on your preference. The duration of therapy varies; some individuals find benefit within three months, while others continue for over a year, all contingent on your specific goals. There's no obligation to commit to a fixed number of sessions, and you have the freedom to step back from therapy whenever you feel necessary. 

I occasionally offer homework assignments in both career and mental health counseling. These are tools to aid your growth and self-reflection, not measure your success. Whether it's a reflective exercise or specific actions to try, these assignments are entirely optional but often prove helpful in enhancing our work together. I also provide text or email recaps to support your journey in a way that suits you best.

There are no "bad" parts of ourselves, just parts that need to be reintegrated, understood, and loved.

derived from quotes from Richard C. Schwartz and elements of IFS therapy

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Let's Connect

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