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Anxiety & Burnout Counseling

You move between feeling anxious, stressed, and exhausted. You might be worried about the future or, perhaps, what others think of you. These feelings show up at work and in your personal life, making it hard to focus at times or stay present. You put a great deal of pressure on yourself and feel a high level of responsibility for your actions. You are tired of treading water and are looking for a change.
Image by Doğukan Şahin

When we have dealt with stress for long periods of time and it has gone unchecked, we often experience burnout. Burnout can look like feeling unmotivated and uninterested in things we once cared about. It can show up both at work and at home in feeling anxious, guilty, having difficulty paying attention, feeling overwhelmed, or just feeling emotionally numb. This isn't the "you" that you know, the hardworking, dedicated achiever. Let me help you reconnect with yourself.

Through my experience in counseling and human resources, I am able to understand how trauma, anxiety, and elements of perfectionism impact our personal and work lives. I know how to identify elements in the workspace that might be a cause for burnout. Additionally, through understanding an individual's past trauma and perfectionist tendencies we can understand the thought patterns that lead to setting oneself up for burnout.

I utilize elements of DBT and CBT counseling in order to provide concrete coping mechanisms to my clients and interpret unproductive thought patterns. I often write notes or creating flow charts on a whiteboard to help people understand these emotions. I work to ensure I am not exacerbating perfectionism by slowing down and taking time to feel emotions. However, I also provide steps to learn and grow in the therapeutic process.

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