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Counseling & Coaching

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right support. Learn about the difference between counseling/therapy, career coaching, and executive coaching.
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Executive Coaching

This form of coaching is focused on improving work performance and leadership. Coaching is present and future focused. It does not take past trauma or mental health implications into account. This is a fit if someone is looking to solely focus on work performance, professional goals, and managerial skills without looking into the past.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is action-oriented. It often aims at helping individuals determine their career path and take concrete steps forward in their career path or job search. Career coaching can help individuals gain clarity within their career path. I offer career coaching via Myers Career Coaching LLC to support career transitioners.

Leadership & Career Counseling

This type of counseling overlaps with executive coaching and career coaching; however it explores how past experiences and trauma impact how individuals show up in their careers. This type of counseling helps individuals become better communicators, identify their goals, and understand limiting beliefs developed over time. 

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